Welcome to the root down. a rehearsal and pre-production facility stocked with good vibes.  

Our mandate is to foster an environment for the music community to thrive.

Seeing a void in Toronto for an amazing multi-use rehearsal space, we partnered with Arts & Crafts, Slaight Music, Universal Music Canada and other passionate Toronto entrepreneurs to build it. We have a large, clean & comfortable space to play, think, create and bond. The versatile room features built-in trifusers to tune the room on the fly. So, whether you're solo on a uke or if you have a 10 piece full electric band, you'll always sound the best.

We want to be your go-to spot to hone your tone, find your music family, record, film & jam out.

Our inventory of high-end and vintage gear is tuned and ready for you to use. We also have the creature comforts needed when you take a break! Check out our lounge with cable TV, free WiFi, projector, a private patio and a kitchenette stocked with snacks and drinks.

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In August 2018, we did an interview with Ian Gormerly of Exclaim! Check out the beautifully crafted write-up here.

Ironically, this interview took place a few days before the storm on August 7th, 2018 that flooded our space. Fortunately, most of our instruments and amps survived. We had to rebuild the walls and replace all the furniture, but we are coming back in January 2019 with a few tweaks in our design. We are grateful to have some amazing photos courtesy of Matt Forsythe and Exclaim! to showcase our space prior to the rebuild. Stay tuned for the new ones!

photos courtesy of Matt Forsythe &amp; Exclaim! 2018

photos courtesy of Matt Forsythe & Exclaim! 2018



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